About Zireaux


Zireaux was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds American and New Zealand citizenship. He has written four novels, including three novels in rhyming verse – one of which, Res Publica, was broadcast over 10 episodes on Radio New Zealand. He wrote his first novel while living in the subcontinent in the 1990s, and has since revised and edited the novel for publication (to be released soon).

Zireaux is a regular visitor to South Asia and the US, and writes poetry, book reviews and commentary on literature at the website Immortalmuse.com. You can contact Zireaux here.

About Immortalmuse.com

“Zireaux’s commentary is a poem in itself, written by a man with a passion for poetry.”
Beattie’s Book Blog

Praise for Zireaux’s recently published novel-in-verse, Res Publica:

“Very quirky, very literary, rather sophisticated, clever and funny — altogether enjoyable.”
— C.K. Stead

“A tour de force — almost perhaps, a tour d’addresse — after the manner of Lord George Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812-1818) and more particularly, Don Juan (1819-24)….Zireaux presents us with an irreverent wisdom directed against conventional values and the politico-social system.”
— Alistair Paterson
Editor, Poetry New Zealand Magazine

“Some of Zireaux’s rhymes have a twinkling ingenuity not unworthy of Byron, W S Gilbert or Cole Porter: Mona [Lisa]/persona, tingle/commingle, muscular/crepuscular, Kerouac/Alamanac, greed/Mr. Sayeed. But what impresses most of all is his ability to sustain the flow over dozens of stanzas, sounding natural, indeed conversational. Nor is his work just an exercise in antiquarianism…Zireaux is thoroughly contemporary — with references to NASA satellite photographs, KFC, Viagra, Clinique cosmetics, Pamela Anderson’s breast implants, Martha Stewart’s imprisonment, Tim Tam biscuits, Gavin Menzies’ theory that the Chinese discovered New Zealand centuries before Europeans, and other current fads and foibles….[Zireaux] captivates with a singular charm.” 
— Iain Sharpe
Book reviewer for New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times

“Seldom does Radio New Zealand really ‘do’ poetry or verse even on a small scale — there really does need to be a very good reason to risk it. So the fact that we’ve just recorded the 10-part adaptation of the epic verse novel Res Publica (Book One) is extraordinary. But then the work itself is extraordinary and is, effectively, its own good reason.” 
— Adam Macaulay
Executive Producer of Drama for Radio NZ